Workflow Finesse Program

A 6-month, custom-tailored program to
reframe and streamline the inner workings of your business

You want your business to run like a fine-tuned engine.

You want your business to give you freedom.



Are you ready for systems that
guarantee your business runs smoothly?

You became an employer to own a business, not to be an employee. 
You desire a business that gives you freedom.
You want business to be fun while delivering passion and impact.

Let’s get you back on track to achieve the small business
entrepreneurial excellence you know you were made for.

Imagine …

  • everything finally getting done without leaving you frustrated and exhausted.
  • your workflow running seamlessly, effortlessly and predictably to generate profits
  • being excited to onboard multiple clients at the same time without any stumbles
  • focusing on what you do best with trustworthy systems, or teams to support your business operations

You can have it all:

Entrepreneurship is a journey.

Small business operation is an adventure.

It can be exciting yet terrifying at the same time as your business continues to grow.
It requires you to be consistent, practical, and tactical to attain long term success. 

It’s time to bust through your excuses and take systems off the back-burner.
It’s time your business deserves a brilliant backend blueprint.
Through systematization, optimization, and simplification to make your business sleek and fleek.

Are you ready to feel supported and excited to fine-tune existing and implement new systems
routines and habits – that work for YOU?

Do you want the benefits of both of my intensives (Systems simplified + Limitless Leader), as well as long-term support and accountability?

If you are ready to run a practical, tactical and inspirational business productively and profitably,
then join me inside the Work Flow Finesse program.

“If you are not willing to risk the usual,
you will have to settle for the ordinary.”​

Jim Rohn

This is for you if you’re ready to:

  • seriously commit to mindset shifts and transformations that will allow you to embrace systems and success
  • reframe the inner workings of your business to be super effective and effortless
  • transform analysis paralysis into peer predictable rhythms that heightens your client experience
  • implement a systems map, method, and move towards consistent measuring to continuously grow your business

This 6-Month

completes the loop in your business.

No two businesses are the same. Your business is unique to YOU!
So, our work together will be tailored to your specific business needs and availability.
Together we’ll help you take immediate action, attain small wins that will build to bigger wins, and establish an unshakeable framework for your long-term freedom-based success.

We’ll cover aspects and areas of immense impacts, including:

  • Develop and cultivate a systems mindset that can be transferrable to future new business models
  • Build the map so that you can do more with less time towards your strengths
  • Leverage the tools, techniques and resources to maximize the methodology that results in consistency in the key areas of your business
  • Move into action and build boundaries that feel good to keep you focused in your own lane towards success
  • Identify and track the measurable results to know when you’ve reached success by celebrating big and little wins
  • Streamline your approach to various key areas of your business including invoicing, social media, and delegation in order to save you more time while continuously focusing on your clients, prospects and partnerships
  • Systematize your relationship nurturing process to continuously build a solid network that leads to an endless flow of clients, partnerships and opprtunities
  • Development of priorities, routines and habits around systemized success, planning and strategizing to grow your business

Conquer your organizational challenges
with your business.

Your 6-Month Workflow Finesse Program Includes: 

  • 12 x 60-minutes one-on-one session calls bi-weekly (every two weeks)
  • 1 x 2-hour Zoom intensive to deep dive into your business systems needs, current and future states
  • Weekly accountability email/voxer support to keep you focused and moving forward
  • Full access to me via Dubsado/ClickUp between sessions for when you feel stuck, need motivation, clarity and celebration
  • Develop action plan, and methodology for time management practices and techniques
  • Ready-to-use templates that I’ve developed to work in my own and other businesses
  • Documentation of your systems in a trusted platform, where they will be continuously improved upon

Bonus Materials:

  • 90-Day Business Goals Planning
  • Your Business Organizational Chart
  • Business & Systems Gap Analysis
  • Standard Operations Procedure Template
  • Workflow Toolkit recommendations roadmap for growth plan

From day one to the day before the last date, we had determined this perfect flow. And on the last day, I had changed my whole business structure. I think the fruit of our labor and [Theresa]’s help in this was that I could go and take all of what [Theresa’s] taught me how to, what to think about, and what to look for, and then develop systems for something like the caliber of a capstone project. I was able to share my perspective on what I think is a simple solution, and have a good conversation with her for insight, feedback, and suggestions. I feel that the ultimate success of working together was to be able to do that. It’s like the quote of ‘Give a man a fish, you’ll feed him for a day. Teach a man to fish and you’ll feed him for a lifetime.
Allen, Exponential Mgt
Allen, Exponential MgtCEO

$7,500 USD (Paid in full) or

6 monthly payments of $1,300 USD

Let’s get your business ready for scalability and sustainability, empowered by business process management, strategic business workflows, and cash flow systems.

It’s super important to me that there is a right fit for us to achieve 100% win-win results.
To schedule some time to talk about the possibility of working together, please complete the discovery call application, or email me at


What you can expect:

Systemizing and streamlining success your operations to transform your business takes time, support, mentorship, and guidance. Sometimes, we want to eat the elephant whole, instead of in bite-sized pieces. I’m here to help you consume those bite-sized pieces in a way that is practical, tactical, and aligned with your business goals and lifestyle essentials.
By the end of our partnership together, you will:

  • Have super-charged, high-performing systems and workflows that’ll change the way you experience your business. The new internal structure of your business will allow you to stay organized, feel grounded, and produce consistent results.
  • Reduce the strains of cashflow and time spent training so that you can continue to develop your current customer experience and relationship.
  • Be able to free up your time and feel liberated to focus on your zone of genius and take that holiday with minimal business time with full trust in your growing team.
  • Lead a strong team that has a strong team culture developed in them that will support your clients with seamless effort and consistency.
  • Step into the power of a business owner with a confident mindset in all your systems, workflows and growth by building strong boundaries.

Theresa is one of the most motivational people I have worked with to date. Her knowledge and experience is so extensive, she was able to help my business in areas I didn’t even know could be improved. With her assistance I’m maintaining the momentum to get things done in a systemized process that makes so much more sense once explained by her. I’m also a big fan of Theresa’s personality, she’s very easy to get along with, work with and understand. Definitely a breath of fresh air!
Beverley Theresa
Beverley TheresaSocial Media Strategist

“You give a poor man a fish and you feed him for a day.

You teach him to fish and you give him an occupation
that will feed him for a lifetime.”

Chinese proverb

Hi, I’m Theresa Baretta!

I’m a former corporate leader turned business coachsultant for creative small business entrepreneurs. I’ve been working with small businesses like yours to large corporations in the last 15 years.

Creating and leveraging aligned systems with intentional strategies that will streamline their business to give them a whole new limitless loop has been my mission.

I first learned the way systems and processes could benefit a business when I was 18, managing my family’s Pho restaurant. Though our food was excellent, our service was lacking. I saw an opportunity to systemize our service, and in just three months, we went from disorganized and overwhelmed to systematic and streamlined, with profits doubling each month.

Throughout my years, I gained experience in administration, accounting, customer service, and management, learning the ways that business systems and process management could drive financial health and productive growth.

When I helped an international corporation grow their revenue from $12 million to $50 million in a matter of 4 years by systematizing their business process workflow and moving them from a paper-based system into the digital era. It was then that I realized this kind of success isn’t only for big corporations. Systems can help the smaller business make it BIG too.

Needless to say, I know systems work.


I invite you to join me in the Workflow Finesse, and begin our work together to create
the streamlined business you desire with success and results.


I hired Theresa to help me create an efficient system for my social media marketing. Working with her was a great experience. I learned strategies to schedule my time and plan my marketing content in advance. Saving me time and frustration. She also helped me improve my writing style so my content was better received. I’ve continued to use her tools and techniques. This has helped me maintain my marketing even when changes disrupted my schedule and severely limited my time. So there were only minor blips or lags in our marketing rather than a 2-month break. Maintaining consistency has paid off for our business. I strongly recommend her for anyone needing better business systems.
MichelleTuscany Skin Spa
Theresa of Loop Link has been an absolute dream to work with. In the few months we’ve worked together, she has helped me grow my business, gain confidence, and streamline my processes. She really and truly cares about my business and me as a person, and I am so excited to have her behind me as I take my business to the next level. I recommend her to every business owner I meet!
Danielle, Finepoint Writing
Danielle, Finepoint WritingCopywriter

Still not sure how this will help scale your business?

Here’s a few past distinctions on what I’ve done for businesses:

  • Grow a traditional business unit’s revenue from $12 million to $50 million in a matter of 4 years through:
    • Systematizing their business process workflow and moving from a paper-based system into a digital system.
    • visibility in their metrics, investigated where money and time was being wasted.
    • built a software that helped them manage their operations from Sales to Fleet to Projects to Service, completing the loop on the lifecycle of their inventory.
    • 30% increase of efficiency and effectiveness
  • Developed a home-based business: established a business structure with strong policies, procedures and a masterful client intake system that dramatically improved communication, furthered client nurturing and grew from 70 to over 350 clients, and revenue growth of 15% every year for 3 years.
  • Vietnamese Restaurant: Systemized the service process, in just 3 months, the business went from disorganized and dysfunctional to systematic and streamlined with profits doubling each month, and went from handling one lunch turnover to THREE!

Theresa Baretta | Systems Business Coach

Stop struggling. Start systemizing.

Let’s begin our partnership with the Workflow Finesse
Your invitation awaits.