Systems Simplified Intensive

Imagine effortlessly running a consistent and continual business.

You can achieve it when you have the right systems and workflow in place.

Business is booming, and things are flying your way faster than you can catch them.

All the balls are in the air, but you’re not sure which one to catch first.

As much as you don’t want to admit it, disorganization and disarray is impacting your processes.

Complicated symptoms

Are these experiences familiar?

  • You are enjoying an increase in client work, but with barely any time to catch your breath, you are running on high stress and little rest.
  • You constantly have to shuffle your schedule to squeeze in all the work, while still collaborating with partners for projects or client work.
  • You don’t know where to start to get your SOPs in place, and run a smoother operation.
  • You’re flying so fast you’re beginning to doubt your processes, because it’s all swimming in your head.
  • You’re saying “yes” to client work that impacts your other schedules, leaving you little room for adjustments. This leaves you with more resentment than happiness.
  • You have a disjointed system and structure in place which causes more challenges than wins.
  • You suffer from “analysis paralysis”; you can’t make decisions, and it is beginning to impact your client deliverables
Here's the

It’s exciting to see your business start scaling, and you’re finally looking at a great month.

Scaling your business can be easy and done with confidence, if you have the right systems, structure, and strategy in place.

You love serving your clients, and you want to meet and exceed their expectations by delivering quality service and products. You may be enjoying the work, but business without borders and balance leaves you overworked and underappreciated.

If your business started experiencing major growth without firm structures, you may be feeling a little rocky. You are collaborating with teams, but it’s getting harder to keep lines of communication straight, and pockets of holes are appearing in your workflow that weren’t there before. Work often overflows into your personal time, and increases your anxiety level.

Want to leave behind inconsistency,
anxiety, and overreaching deadlines?!


Having trustworthy systems that will run your business while you’re away on holidays with minimal check-in.

Clients knowing what to expect in your work together.

Believe me, you can have this!

Then get ready to:

  • Clarify which structures you’ll strategically tackle first. Knowing which structures to firmly develop in your business will steadily support growth, so you can enjoy the process without being overwhelmed and doubtful
  • Design a roadmap that will leave you with confidence in the organization of your business, and give you a solid blueprint to success. This way, you can focus on delivering quality and value effectively
  • Develop strong boundaries and borders for accepting overreaching deadlines, which will allow you to complete each and every project consistently, and with full client satisfaction.
  • Take back your weekends to enjoy your accomplishments and dedicate personal time to recharge, refresh, and get inspired for future growth and development

This intensive will help you showcase a consistent, continual and confident workflow experience for both you and your clients. 

The Intensive

Systemizing and streamlining success your operations to transform your business takes time, support, mentorship, and guidance. Sometimes, we want to eat the elephant whole, instead of in bite-sized pieces. I’m here to help you consume those bite-sized pieces in a way that is practical, tactical, and aligned with your business goals and lifestyle essentials.

We’ll work through mindset challenges, and release any limitations blocking your way, so you can maintain confidence in your processes and free up more time for your business and yourself.
Once you’ve finished your intensive?
You’ll get 30 days of support to ensure practical success.


During this deep dive intensive call, we’ll cover:

  • A complete systems audit of your business to find the gaps and bridge them in your business
  • A custom roadmap plan to focus on achieving successful systems, processes and workflow goals
  • Embracing the mindshift and relationship of systems
  • Developing the skeleton of your Business Playbook strategy
  • How to strategically simplify systems to inspire efficiency and effectiveness
  • The workflow essentials you’ll need to run your business while you’re on holidays


Book The Systems Simplified Intensive for

$497 USD

  • A pre-session worksheet to assess the existing gaps, inconsistencies, and business systems efficiencies. This will provide insight to formulating an action plan to address primary challenges during your session.
  • 1 x 60-minute deep dive call to tackle current challenges, clarify where gaps are happening, strategize for immediate bite-size implementation wins, and a roadmap your ultimate systemized success goals.
  • 2 x 30-minute systems follow up call to review your business systems audit report, and roll out a plan of action. After this, you’ll be able to implement quick wins to promote healthy and consistent structure conducive to growth.
  • One month of VIP Voxer (walkie-talkie) + email access for coachsulting support between sessions

Maybe it’s time you want an expert to confirm that you’re on the right path. If you know where your issues are and have a business process improvement plan in the works, but just need some time to pick my brain and review your strategy, review your workflows, systems, tools or techniques. We can get it done with this intensive! 

So go ahead.
Go on a vacation.
Open up that new location.
Take some time for you.

With the right systems, you–and your business–will be more than alright.

Build a business balanced by systems

own your business. own your freedom.

Hi, I'm Theresa Baretta!

I’m a former corporate leader turned business coachsultant for creative small business entrepreneurs. I’ve been working with small businesses like yours to large corporations in the last 15 years.

Creating and leveraging aligned systems with intentional strategies that will streamline their business to give them a whole new limitless loop has been my mission.

I first learned the way systems and processes could benefit a business when I was 18, managing my family’s Pho restaurant. Though our food was excellent, our service was lacking. I saw an opportunity to systemize our service, and in just three months, we went from disorganized and overwhelmed to systematic and streamlined, with profits doubling each month.

Throughout my years, I gained experience in administration, accounting, customer service, and management, learning the ways that business systems and process management could drive financial health and productive growth.

When I helped an international corporation grow their revenue from $12 million to $50 million in a matter of 4 years by systematizing their business process workflow and moving them from a paper-based system into the digital era. It was then that I realized this kind of success isn’t only for big corporations. Systems can help the smaller business make it BIG too.

Needless to say, I know systems work.

I’ve been where you are. So have many of my clients. 
There always seems to be an absence of business systems, or an overly-complicated workflow that creates constant busyness. Rarely is there a fine-tuned balance of streamlined automation and touch-points to deliver high quality customer experience without sacrificing your business culture.

Systems work by taking the parts of your business that are inefficient, costly, or just plain clunky and streamlining them so that you can focus on the parts that matter, like attracting your ideal clients, building your profitability, and personal growth.  

I know that no two entrepreneurs are the same, which is why I leverage a hybrid style of “coachsulting” (coaching + consulting) to support business process improvement for your business success. Together, we’ll create a custom solution that eases your specific pain points.

Achieve the freedom you’ve envisioned when you first started your journey as an entrepreneur.

You can be a more efficient entrepreneur or small business owner. All you need is the right system.



When you have the right systems, success will feel a lot easier than you expected.
Stand apart from your competitors, create better client relationships and experience.

This isn't your usual deep dive intensive.

It’s the deep dive that will complete the loop and bridge the gaps in your business.

Get ready to:

  • Develop processes and refine systems that feel awesome and are perfectly aligned with your business.
  • Gain clarity and confidence in your processes and workflow, so there’s no room for unanswered questions or miscommunications between your team, collaborators, and partners.
  • Steadily implement and promote a culture around systems, so you can continue scaling your business with buy-in from your team.
  • Run your business fluently, and with confidence, consistency, and minimal hiccups; this will ultimately leave a wonderful and impactful experience with your clients.

Systems run the business.
run the systems.


I invite you to join me in the Systems Simplified Intensive, and begin our deep dive work together
to create the streamlined business you desire with success and results.

Still not sure how this will help scale your business?

Here’s a few past distinctions on what I’ve done for businesses:

  • Grow a traditional business unit’s revenue from $12 million to $50 million in a matter of 4 years through:
    • Systematizing their business process workflow and moving from a paper-based system into a digital system.
    • visibility in their metrics, investigated where money and time was being wasted.
    • built a software that helped them manage their operations from Sales to Fleet to Projects to Service, completing the loop on the lifecycle of their inventory.
    • 30% increase of efficiency and effectiveness
  • Developed a home-based business: established a business structure with strong policies, procedures and a masterful client intake system that dramatically improved communication, furthered client nurturing and grew from 70 to over 350 clients, and revenue growth of 15% every year for 3 years.
  • Vietnamese RestaurantSystemized the service process, in just 3 months, the business went from disorganized and dysfunctional to systematic and streamlined with profits doubling each month, and went from handling one lunch turnover to THREE!
Theresa Baretta | Systems Business Coach

Ready to dive in?

Let’s begin our partnership with the Systems Simplified Intensive
Your invitation awaits.