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What is FOMO you ask? It’s the “Fear of Missing Out.” FOMO syndrome is woven into the very fabric of the technologically connected world we inhabit today when every beep, buzz or ring we don’t see, hear or answer could be something big we just missed out on.

But while there is a case to be made for keeping your eye on the ever-moving ball (especially for entrepreneurs and small businesses like ourselves), acknowledging the power of FOMO in our life also offers the chance to prioritize. In this post, learn six of my favorite tactics for squashing FOMO’s fear-filled effect on your life.

Top 6 Ways to Squash FOMO Fear of Missing Out

1. Slow Down and Practice Discernment

Human preference for connection and the company of others is not only born of personal choice but also a smart survival instinct. Unfortunately, FOMO warps our innate wisdom by firing off warnings telling us that every missed opportunity puts us in danger of not surviving. This simply is not true (even if our ancient survival-minded limbic brain never figures this out).

When you are feeling overwhelmed, take a few deep breaths. Refer back to your mission, vision, and goals (in business and life). This will help you tune into the opportunities that really require your presence.

2. Go for the Experience, Not the Symbol

What is FOMO really all about at its root? It is about missing out on experiences. This is the best possible reason to ditch that high-profile networking event (you know, the one where 499 of the folks there will all be angling to talk to the one “big fish” in their overcrowded, mid-sized pond) and host your own!

Successful entrepreneurs and small business owners have learned this lesson, and you can too. Rather than trying to curry favor with other influencers in hopes of being able to say “I know so-and-so” and further your business, your big success may just come when you take the plunge to become an influencer yourself!

3. Accept That Things are Happening Without You

What if, just perhaps, all those events that are happening without you aren’t meant for you anyway?

By making the most of the opportunities that intersect with the path you are already following, you maximize your potential in each moment and also learn to embrace the fact that there is enough opportunity for everyone who wants it to have their share.

4. Practice Mindfulness and Block the Distractions

In the ongoing debate between whether a successful entrepreneur is born or made, I side with the latter. This is because so much of being an entrepreneur is about personal choice to tackle obstacles, learn new skills to overcome them and then use those skills to rise higher.

Developing mindfulness is one such skill. Mindfulness is a skill to help your brain tune out the “noise” and tune into what most needs our attention.

As you practice mindfulness, you may want to check out Venture Shorts’ 20-minute video crash courses in business marketing basics. Why is each video just 20 minutes long when the founding entrepreneurs could clearly talk for days on each topic? Because they have mindfully tuned into the core essentials of each topic. By listening to their videos, you can learn how to do the same.

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5. Cultivate an Attitude of Gratitude

Gratitude for what you DO have is perhaps the best antidote for fear of never getting what you DON’T have. This is because what you focus on grows. What you focus on will in time define everything about you, including your success in business and in life.

Developing an attitude of gratitude is really about (yet again) making a choice. What will you focus on? What do you want your business – and your life – to be all about? How do you want to be remembered? Answer these questions, and you may just discover FOMO has exited your life of its own accord.

6. Enjoy the Process and Relish the Present

Finally, if you can remind yourself that all of us – equally – get just 24 hours at a time to work with, this may ease your past FOMO-related regrets as well as your future FOMO-related fears.

It will also help you automate routine tasks to ensure you have as much of your personal 24 hours to spend on what matters most to you, enjoying each step forward that you take and paying close, mindful attention to your own growing success!

Your Move

If you are struggling with the fear of missing out, you are NOT alone! In fact, FOMO sits right at the intersection between brilliant entrepreneurial success and bottoming out. Yes, it really can be that critical and that powerful. But I want you to know that I have been there and I know how to get FOMO out of my head and out of my life, and I can help you learn to do the same. So, how do you deal with FOMO?

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