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After all the delicious favorites and time well spent with family, people find their thoughts are turned to the next season; the season of goals and resolutions.

You may be starting to put energy into formulating your goals and plans in the coming of the new year. Many of us have plans already formed in our minds of what we want for ourselves, a plan of action and yielding the fastest results. Every year we start strong with the mindset for success but easily lost it along the way. To maximize your success, here are three tips to help set your resolutions and transition you into the new year.

SMART Set Your Resolutions

Before You Set Your Resolutions, Clean Out Your Closet

Lessons Learned
If you haven’t been able to meet or keep your goals from the previous years, save yourself from treading on the same path by recounting any lessons learned. It’s time to dig into your closet and clean out the failures.

Get comfortable with coffee or tea in a quiet space with a pen and paper or journal. Reflect on the goals that you set for the year. Did you achieve your goals? What did you do that you liked? What worked? What didn’t? What were the distractions? How can you remove those distractions? Find your insight and resolute your determination. Your lessons learned will loudly call out to you each time you are revisiting them.

SMART Goal Planning

Now that we’ve cleaned out your closet, we can set your resolutions and fill it back up with them. One of the best tools that I have found effective not only in my professional career but also my personal aspirations. The SMART criteria bring objectivity into your strategy and planning by the following:

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S pecific, significant – be specific in your goal and put a number or a target
M easurable, meaningful, motivational – is your goal measurable in progress with target completion dates
A ttainable, achievable, acceptable – identify which goals you can commit to with attitude, abilities, and skills
R ealistic, relevant, rewarding – a high goal is easier to reach than a lower one
T imely, tangible, trackable – set a time for a sense of urgency

Run your goals through the criteria, and remember to write it down. This will give you a clear understanding of success and how you can reach it.

Set Your Resolutions with your mindset for Success

Community of Accountability
Find a community where you can find accountability, support, and success with other like-minded friends or leaders. Set up a recurring agenda to touch base with your progress, this will keep you accountable and motivated. While you are working on your goals, uplift others by being their support too. The reward will be greater than you expect.

The key to any success when you set your resolutions falls back to the most powerful aspect; your mindset. Before you embark on your year’s journey, take a moment to breathe in the success that will be rewarded at the end of your goal. Let your mind be filled with positive thoughts and energy to carry you through the hard days.

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