Cash Flow Planner - Loop Link™

Get clear on what your revenue roadmap looks like
and how you're going to reach your goals

Tired of not knowing where and how your next client will come?

Time to stop wondering where your next clients and sales are coming from.
Plan your revenue goals and launches in bite-sized chunks, so you can take
them from action to accomplished!

Introducing the Cash Flow Planner

Get accountability to stay on track with your budget, forecast
to reach your income goals, and manage your expenses,
so you can step towards your quarterly milestones!

Even if you have a marketing plan in place, break it down into bite-size chunks. Too many business owners have a vision but are lost when it comes to the next steps they need to take in order to get the clients, make intentional sales, connections and strategies to reach their revenue goals.

Forecasting and budgeting have never been easier.
Stop cringing every time you think about your financials!

The Cash Flow Planner will help guide you to…

  • 1
    Plan your annual revenue (and income!) goals
    that feels good and achievable
  • 2
    Build your quarterly content strategy
    that’s mapped to your income goals
  • 3
    Complete the loop in your financials
    so you’re prepared to grow and scale your business

Plan your revenue roadmap with the
Cash Flow Planner

Here’s how we’ll get started.

Set and score your annual goals           Build your revenue and income through your products, services, and pricing.
Plan your expenses and taxes               Capture your subscriptions, overheads, cost of goods to project your income.
Build your quarterly revenue strategy             Build your launch timelines, content plan, and promotions.
Measure and monitor your progress                 Record your actual results to measure your forecast.

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What's Included?

4 Planning Videos

1 Optimized File

+ How to use the planner
+ How to keep accountable

1 Strategic Planning Session

(early bird special)

What clients have said

omg @Tee, we need your tracking system, I was just telling Marie that there’s probably a better way than “let’s look at our Google calendar and see what happened to us last month” This is why you’re SO needed for copywriters!  😂

Copywriter + Messaging Strategist
CEO of North Star Messaging & Strategy

Cash Flow Planner has helped me immensely with my money goals! Before using it, I had broad and general ideas for hitting my monthly income with no real direction on how I’d do it. After implementing Cash Flow Planner, my knowledge and understanding of my numbers has helped me hit my biggest month yet, and helps me set clear income and revenue goals and how to reach them month after month!

Copywriter + Content Strategist
CEO of The Quirky Pineapple Studio

If you’re a quick start you’ll want to work 1:1 with Theresa on a live call. As for anyone else who can stay on task and keep focused, this tool will prove to be extremely valuable and save you time and hopefully increase your revenue in the long run.The purchase was easy as the price was so low for the value of the tool and the work you put into it. 

Business Strategist
Founder of One Less Thing Management
Theresa Baretta

Creator of Cash Flow Planner

About the Author

Theresa Baretta is a Online Business Integrator, Operations Efficiency Specialist and Systems Coachsultant for agency owners who are tired of their chaotic operations that is impacting their bottom line, and want to shift to owning a business that runs effortlessly and efficiently without them.

Drawing on her 15+ years of experience in systems and workflows, she works with her clients in a hybrid form between coaching and consulting to walk them through developing well-fitted systems, process-driven workflow and targeted team growth. 

You'll find her always saying yes to a nice cup of coffee or tea, spending time with her family and geeking out on designing websites.

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