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The Business Emergency Plan

Is your business emergency-proofed?
Life happens. Plan your business around it!

Plan, Prepare, and Protect Your Business for the unexpected!

We go through life protecting our personal assets, legacy and family.
Why wouldn’t we do the same for our business?

Introducing the Business Emergency Plan

Establish business continuity, emergency protocols, and
best practices to communicate and create confidence with your
team, clients and collaborators. 

When was the last time you had a “what if” moment about how your family or business partner will manage your business if you get sick, have an accident, or have to step away from your business?

I get it. Unless if it happens, no one ever wants to deal with that stuff.

Just the thought of it creeps you out and feels scary.
You likely feel safe enough that you’re going to move on from this thought.
Because it hasn’t happened yet (and if you’re like most entrepreneurs I know, feel that you’ll have ample time to address it),

But let’s consider for a moment.

What if you got hit by a bus tomorrow?
Got into an accident.
Had an unexpected turn in your pregnancy.
Became unexpectedly sick.
And now you have to take a month off from your business.

Help your family, business partner, or business manager
know how take charge effortlessly in your absence.

The Business Emergency Plan

will help guide you to…

  • 1
    Provide visibility into your current and active project/client information
    All in one place to allow efficient and effective execution
  • 2
    Communicate access to your finances to manage expenses, payables, vendors or payroll
    No expenses or payables will be left behind or overdue
  • 3
    Set your intentions on what you want done, when it needs to be done and how to get it done
    Whether it’s going on hiatus, closing shop or transferring CEO duties, it’ll be communicated!

If you suddenly disappeared tomorrow for weeks or even months, your clients, vendors,
and your team can be left hanging when life happens.

Being unprepared can compromise your business, integrity, and credibility.
It can lead to refunds, disputes, and in some cases, legal matters.

But it doesn’t have to be that way!

Empower yourself; 

Emergency-proof your business.

Here’s how we’ll get started.

Strategically plan for the unexpected

Plan for the various scenarios that may occur and how to respond to those situations

Set your intentions and limit the impact

Capture your subscriptions, business overheads, cost of goods to project your income.

Communication plans & swipe files

A smooth response is the result of strong communication of who needs to know immediately, and the transfer of information to clients, collaborators and contractors.

Service and Financial Management

Handle projects, invoicing & subscription deferrals/cancellations effectively. Centralize finance/accounts information to help handle important financial matters.

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What's Included?

7 Planning Videos

1 Optimized File

+ How to use the planner
+ How to keep accountable

1 Strategic Planning Session

(early bird special)

What clients have said

I want Theresa to help every single company out there. She thinks very differently than most. I am organized, but I don’t get it to the level she gets it and that’s KEY!

Online Business Manager

Theresa, thank you for this ultimate resource, it’s amazing! It’s like how could I live before learning this!!!! Thank you so much for the gift!

Congruency Coach
Theresa Baretta

Creator of Cash Flow Planner

About the Author

Theresa Baretta is a Online Business Integrator, Operations Efficiency Specialist and Systems Coachsultant for agency owners who are tired of their chaotic operations that is impacting their bottom line, and want to shift to owning a business that runs effortlessly and efficiently without them.

Drawing on her 15+ years of experience in systems and workflows, she works with her clients in a hybrid form between coaching and consulting to walk them through developing well-fitted systems, process-driven workflow and targeted team growth. 

You'll find her always saying yes to a nice cup of coffee or tea, spending time with her family and geeking out on designing websites.

Get Your Emergency Plan In Place to
Prepare, Protect and Perform in Your Absence.

Have peace-of-mind, and stress-less when situations arise that
takes you away from your business for a period of time.

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