Build an agency beyond blocks, bottlenecks and busy work.

Build an agency beyond yourself.

Are you ready to confidently shift to a sustainable and scalable agency that can thrive with or without you?

As an agency owner, it's all to easy to find yourself in any of the following situations:

  • Knowing you're on the right path, but having more clients than you can handle.
  • Managing everything operationally, which holds you back from growing.
  • Unable to effectively delegate, because to be honest, you don't know what everyone else is doing day-to-day.
  • Tossing the vacation you want to take or the kids' soccer game you wanted to attend out the window.
  • Feeling like every other email is a new fire or call for "all-hands-on-deck".

The truth is, when your operations are inefficient, running your agency can feel impossible.

Busy doesn’t automatically translate to growth. To seriously scale your business, create sustainability, and experience long-term success, you need your business to run without you. 

Why? So you can shift your focus to the company vision, expand your team, increase profits, and grow your business in a way that aligns with your goals, your values, and your why

And hey, maybe even take a vacation!

It is possible to find a way to do everything efficiently and effectively, so you can reclaim your time and show up where you need to be.

There's no secret tool or expensive scheme

- just a system that actually works.

Shifting from a CEO-dependent agency to systems-dependent agency doesn’t happen overnight. 

In fact, we don’t believe in instant shifts or instant results (and people who promise them are lying). We don’t expect you to hand over the reins in one fell swoop. Instead, we’re providing you with a proven process that eases you out of constant control and into a true CEO role.

The Agency Shift is a virtual program designed to give you the tools, processes, and systems to make a sustainable shift.  

Well-rooted change means you can weather any storm. That’s why shifting happens in stages, because true, effective change must be adopted within the root — the core why behind what you’re doing. 

We know that sometimes, that gets unrooted along the way. Shifting to systems can help bring you back to your first love and the why behind what you do.

Shifting to a systems-dependent agency means:

You can take a truly work-free, wifi-free, without worrying if your agency is still running smoothly (or running at all).

You can have an efficient agency that provide an exceptional client experience and keeps them coming back for more.

You can experience an increase in revenue and profits that pour in easily and predictably.

The sooner you are able to complete the loop and close the gaps, the sooner you can be a more hands-off, flexible, and free CEO.

Learn how to:

SIMPLIFY: Create a holistic snapshot of your agency to determine what’s working, what’s not, and what can be streamlined.

STRATEGIZE: Identify the bottlenecks and leaks, and build a strategic roadmap to achieve the results and begin the shift.

SYSTEMIZE: Fine-tune the system, so it can consistently run without your direct involvement.

SCALE: Shift the agency to autopilot, so you can step back and let it run itself. Build ROI and continue to measure for results.

What's possible...


Creative Director

Without her guidance and knowledge, I would have been lost in the world of new-business-ownership. Her approach is warm, friendly and she takes you by the hand in understanding your processes and how to run a better business. She also gives me confidence in my work and makes me feel like I can accomplish anything!



The biggest thing that I've gained, apart from organization, efficiency, and productivity, is confidence to send out proposals, invoices, contracts, etc. and trust that my systems and processes allow me to live the life I want and still present me as a trustworthy professional for businesses and entrepreneurs to work with.


Agency Owner

I'm halfway through my program with Loop Link... and I'm loving it! Theresa is the ultimate professional, full of great leadership, advice, tools and strategies. 

Thank you, Theresa! I am certainly looking forward to what 2019 will bring me and my business!

Hi, I'm Theresa Baretta

and I'm here to help you shift into your visionary CEO role.

My goal has always been to take busy, stressed agency owners from firefighting to fulfillment — and I do it by helping you leverage systems in your business.

Systems may not be the sexiest thing around, but they’re the difference between chaos and calm. By leveraging systems I’ve helped businesses grow to $50M in annual revenue, CEOs spend more time with their families, and agencies earn coveted awards that were otherwise out of reach.  In 2016 I founded Loop Link, which allowed me to build my own team and guide over 100 businesses to systemized success. And now we’re bringing our biggest insights, strategies, and opportunities for growth to you.

The Agency Shift supports the busy agency owner.

We know shifting is transformational. But we also know it’s not easy. That’s why we’ve included a ton of supporting resources and materials to make sure you can effectively implement shifts, while still actively and efficiently serving your clients.

You’ll be guided through four sections and twelve modules, each designed to help you close the loops and design an efficient, optimized agency.

Part one: Simplify


Module 1: 

Mindset & Attitude

Learn how to leverage the mindset of a 7-figure agency owner, so you can set yourself up for positive growth.



Module 2:

Objectives & Key Results

Develop a roadmap that can be conquered in bite-sized pieces, so you never lose momentum and are always shifting towards your goals.


Module 3: 

The Deep Dive

Identify what your time is worth and begin the process of adjusting your schedule so you’re saving energy and resources.

Part two: Strategize


Module 4: 

Model Your Methods

Define the best practices that allows your agency to run effectively and serve your clients with confidence and clarity.



Module 5: 

Framing the Foundation

Determine the structure of your agency in a clear, cohesive way that aligns with your character, creativity and culture.


Module 6: 

Thriving Team

Identify which roles and responsibilities can be offloaded to team members, a plan for new recruits, and a strategic scaling system for long-term success.

Part three: Systemize


Module 7: 

Package & Productize

Define the best practices that allows your agency to run effectively and serve your clients with confidence and clarity.



Module 8: 

Standardize the Systems

Determine the structure of your agency in a clear, cohesive way that aligns with your character, creativity and culture.


Module 9: 

Operations Optimization

Outline the operations journey, reduce bottlenecks, and create peace of mind among your team to ensure they feel confident in their roles.

Part four: Scale


Module 10: 

Client Experience

Create an aligned client journey that leverages your agency's operational excellence and leaves you with raving fans.



Module 11: 

Executive Squad

Build a cohesive leadership team who you can rely on to help save time, resources, and energy, while upholding the company vision.


Module 12: 

Continuous Growth

Continue to develop yourself as a leader, so you can continue to grow your agency, remain sustainable, and make an impact.

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We're not holding back at Loop Link!

We’re giving you the exact same strategy and systems we use when working 1:1 with our private clients.

When you sign up, you’ll get lifetime access to:



You’re ready for growth that is beyond yourself and stop doing it all yourself. This program provides the possibility to become a reality with realized benefits to building business the way you envisioned. 

Utilizing our Shift Sequence™ Method, the program is broken into 4-parts with 12 modules covering the small steps that compounds to huge effects and transforms the way you operate your agency. 

See the full program track here.



Accelerate your efficiency and amplify your excellence with done-for-you operations and systems resources, tools, and templates that give you the shortcut to piloting and perfecting and perfecting what works.

Create a standard culture of continuous improvement and excellence with core business blueprints, accountability charts, CEO scorecards, systems inventory, and more! 

... In addition, you'll receive 120-DAYS UNLIMITED access to:

Our EXCLUSIVE Forum Community

Get support, encouragement and guidance from fellow agency owners who are on the same journey and will support you in a safe online environment.

Immerse yourself in a CEO collective and have access to LIVE group coaching calls, monthly hot seat sessions, and bi-weekly office hours to review tips and techniques from my team and I!

Live Monthly CEO Training

During your 120 days of LIVE implementation support, we will be covering tools, tech, and techniques that will strengthen your CEO mindset, delegation and workflow in our monthly trainings.

Weekly Strategy Calls with Loop

Accountability is what gets you ahead. With the weekly strategy calls, you'll get actionable steps each week to help you on your journey to systematization and operational efficiency.

Let us check in and help you apply the materials and shape them to fit your agency character, creativity and culture — so you can get implementing and streamlining even faster!

Quarterly Time Training Masterclass

Time is money. And if you're in control of your time, you'll burn out. We'll work through any productivity blocks and shift tem to freedom blocks by continuously leveraging your scorecard to scale back stress.

Total Value: $13,979


$3,997 USD




If you pay for The Agency Shift in one payment, you’ll also receive a FREE Systems Shift Implementation.

We’ll sit down together and map out one system to implement in your business, and then the Loop Link team will take the reins. We’ll get it set up for you and your team, so you don’t have to worry. ​

$1,497 Value



  • Signature Agency Shift Program
  • Training Library
  • EXCLUSIVE Forum Community
  • Weekly Strategy Calls 
  • Live Monthly CEO Training
  • Quarterly Time Training Masterclasses



If you pay for The Agency Shift in one payment, you’ll also receive a FREE Systems Shift Implementation.

We’ll sit down together and map out one system to implement in your business, and then the Loop Link team will take the reins. We’ll get it set up for you and your team, so you don’t have to worry. ​

$1,497 Value



  • Signature Agency Shift Program
  • Training Library
  • EXCLUSIVE Forum Community
  • Weekly Strategy Calls
  • Live Monthly CEO Training
  • Quarterly Time Training Masterclasses

As soon as you sign up... 


As soon as your payment is processes, you'll receive an email giving you INSTANT ACCESS to the entire program on NOVEMBER 1ST. This includes immediate access to our community and additional trainings.


You'll get LIFETIME ACCESS to the most-current version of the course along with any new updates and bonuses added along the way. 


Your 120-day access to our online community and weekly strategy calls will start on NOVEMBER 1ST.
However, you'll get early access to our online community and weekly strategy calls from my team to jumpstart your journey to an optimized operations and a more predictable and profitable agency.  

By the end of the Agency Shift program,

you will have an agency that:

  • Scales more and stresses less.
  • Keeps your clients happy, loyal, and thriving.
  • Hires candidates who become integral team members who reflect both your vision and your values.

... and ultimately, can thrive with or without you.

Mark Twain

See more success from some of our past clients after working with Team Loop:


Creative Director

I have previously read books such as the E-Myth Revisited and felt like I had a great grasp on the topic of systems and process. However, I would always get stuck when I tried to implement it in my own business. I would find myself putting it on the back burner because something else was "more important" at the time. 

She asked the right questions to help me work ON the business rather than IN the business. It was a pleasure working with Theresa and I recommend you call her to help make your business more efficient and more profitable, ultimately providing a better product and experience to your customers!


Social Media Consultant

Theresa is one of the most motivational people I have worked with to date. Her knowledge and experience are so extensive, she was able to help my business in areas I didn’t even know could be improved. With her assistance, I’m maintaining the momentum to get things done in a systemized process that makes so much more sense once explained by her. I’m also a big fan of Theresa’s personality, she’s very easy to get along with, work with and understand. Definitely a breath of fresh air!


Web Developer

Theresa combined her experience and great intuition guided us to refocus our services and purpose. 

She is particularly good at help us tackle the hard mind shift transformation that a business needs to undergo when creating a positive change. At the same time she is firm at keeping those changes on track.

As a result we have improved our services and business, passing on her positive impact on us, to our clients.

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Frequently Asked Questions

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I'm only a one-person show or have a small team. Will this be too much for me?

What kind of support will I get if I get stuck?

What happens if I fall behind the work?

Enroll now and SAVE 35%!

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