In the midst of endless tasks, incessant emails, and constant chaos, sometimes it's impossible to know where to start. 

As a business owner, you may have found yourself:

  • Letting important details and deadlines slip through the cracks
  • Apologizing for lackluster client experiences and missed expectations
  • Experiencing sleepless nights filled with stress and worry about tomorrow's to-do list
  • Feeling so overloaded by daily tasks that the truly important activities get lost in the shuffle
  • Working 60+ to 80+ hours per week, leaving little time for family, friends and the things that matter most to you
  • Always focusing within the business, instead of focusing on the business and its growth

You’re beginning to wonder how you can possibly continue to grow while also maintaining your sanity. You’re not quite at the point where you can hire a team, but you desperately need support.

It is possible to automate, systemize, and grow without hiring a team.

Maybe you can’t hire full-time support right now — and that’s okay! The strongest businesses build a foundation for growth before they expand their team.

But let’s face it, doing it alone is hard. The DIY productivity tools and self-implemented systems aren’t working. In fact, they only make you feel even more overwhelmed.

What if you could ... 

  • Leverage automations to systematically complete repeatable tasks with confidence
  • Prioritize both internal projects { like your systems } and external projects { your client work } without adding more hours to your week
  • Honor the whitespace time block on your calendar and never compromise your CEO time
  • Use only tools you need - and know how to make them work hard for you
  • Ensure your clients always pay on time (or early!) without having to pester them
  • Stay on top of content creation, client deliverables, and networking opportunities... and have energy to spare

Right now, each of these tasks only adds to your already overwhelming to-do list. What’s more, it distracts you from your vision — the reason you built your business to begin with. Over time, you can even begin to resent your agency, because it no longer invigorates and excites you.

There is a way to do everything efficiently and effectively, so you can reclaim your time and show up where you need to be in your life and in your work.

Remember, when you hear yourself say, “I hate what I do!” that’s overwhelm talking. You actually enjoy what you do — when you have the time to do it and the systems to support it. And you can fall back in love with your work. The key? Customized systems that free you from repetitive, frustrating tasks.

You don’t need a one-size-fits-all solution. 

You need strategic tools & personalized processes designed for your business.

The Strategic Shift Planning Intensive jump-starts your systems without asking you to hire a team. This service is designed to help you establish a well-rooted foundation that supports your business so it can grow in a sustainable and profitable way. 

The Strategic Shift is an efficient, supportive, and long-term solution. Through custom, one-on-one support with a systems expert (me, Theresa!), we will identify the gaps in your processes and find strategic ways to automate and systematize your workflows — freeing you to do what you love, in and outside your business.  

Through your Strategic Shift, you will receive:

Clarity & Confidence

To get organized, identify any gaps, address how they have hindered your business growth, and move forward toward sustainable growth.

A Strategic Roadmap

Customized to your unique business goals and culture, so you can close the loops and move forward fearlessly.

A Seasoned Partner

With 15+ years of experience and expertise in systems, to explore into your business processes, reduce your overwhelm, and reconnect your mission to your impact.

When I decided to hire Theresa, I was looking for guidance with streamlining business processes for not only my business but my client's businesses as well. I am moving into an agency model and I need to be as efficient as possible in how I manage my team and our client work.

For the past 2 years, I had barely done any promoting of my own business and I knew that it would be necessary for me to be spending more time focusing on growing my business and marketing my business to achieve the goals that I have established. After working with Theresa I became much more productive and organized, and my bottom line has improved as well. Theresa is a knowledgeable and highly informative coach who’s full of great ideas and support. I am so grateful to her for her support and this experience.


Here's how the Strategic Shift Planning works.


      Orientation Package

Before our sessions begin, you'll receive an orientation package that walks you through everything to send before we get started. This allows us to maximize the time we have together, and get straight into the process.


       Deep Dive Sessions

We'll use Zoom to meet virtually for a two-hour deep dive audit. During these sessions, we’ll get to the root of where your systems currently stand and identify the gaps, in order to create a plan moving forward to streamline and simplify your path to growth.


      Do-the-work Support

You won’t be alone in the process. To ensure there's a strong feedback loop, you’ll have two 30-minute follow up calls where I will provide the support you need during the implementation period. This will help minimize overwhelm, and give you the extra momentum to get it done.


       Private & Continued Support

During our time together, you'll have complete access to me through Voxer (a free walkie-talkie app) or email as an added layer of personal support. You'll have access to me for 60 days AFTER your sessions have wrapped up to make sure you make strategic, forward momentum!

Theresa,  you are a rockstar!
Thank you so, so much for spending your time with me on this. I feel a lot less overwhelmed than this time last week! You laid things out for me so simply and have a knack for making systems seem fun! I love how you tied it all to profitability which makes your services a total no-brainer! I can honestly say I never thought about my processes in this way before - Thank you!


By the end of the Strategic Shift Planning, you will: 

  • Understand where the gaps are in your business and know how to address them
  • Identify the primary focus area and to improve within your systems  you'll know exactly where to start and how to move forward
  • Reclaim at least five hours back in your week to spend on what matters to you
  • Clarity on how to strategically and sustainably grow your team and business

You don't have to tackle systems solo.

Let an expert help you simply your systems, set your foundation, and shift to success.