You need a system to organize your team’s tasks, projects, and back-end operations.

You’re looking for a project management system to keep track of it all, but you don’t have time to set it up yourself.

You’ve tried the old fashioned way, writing down your to-do lists and client projects, losing track of tasks along the way.

You’re using a project management system your friends recommended, but they’re not working for your business.

Your team needs a system to follow project steps, so they stay on top of deadlines and leave clients with an amazing client experience.

You want to get more organized and streamline your project management and back-end operations with a tool, without wasting time setting it up yourself.

Let’s set up a project management system that works best for your business and team collaboration – so you have increased communication and transparency between team members and projects, increasing your productivity to bring in more revenue!

Imagine having…

  • Streamlined automation, so you have more time to focus on more important tasks
  • Business systems made simple for you, without the headache to do it yourself
  • Improved team collaboration, resulting in more productivity and more revenue!

Brigid, OBM
Brigid & Co

When I decided to hire Theresa’s I was looking for guidance with streamlining business processes for not only my business but my client’s businesses as well. I am moving into an agency model and I need to be as efficient as possible in how I manage my team and our client work. For the past 2 years, I had barely done any promoting of my own business and I knew that it would be necessary for me to be spending more time focusing on growing my business and marketing my business to achieve the goals that I have established. After working with Theresa I became much more productive and organized, and my bottom line has improved as well.

Theresa is a knowledgeable and highly informative coach who’s full of great ideas and support. I am so grateful to her for her support and this experience.

Get your business systems made simple and done FOR you -

so you can maximize your time and increase productivity for your team!

Done-For-You Service

PM Structuring

How it works:

  • 3 Meetings: Kickoff, Progress, Completion
  • Initial: PM Tool Assessment
    • Design the infrastructure
      • Tool Basics
      • Business Systems
      • Personal Productivity
      • Centralized Hub
      • Clients Management
      • Project Management
      • Personal Management
      • Tool Integrations
      • Best Practices
    • Implement the Infrastructure
    • Migrate existing data

$697 USD

All the tools I’ve worked with and can structure FOR you:

Not sure which project management system works best for your business?
Ready to streamline your automation, create simple business systems, and build better team collaboration?

Get organized and structured, so your business continues to grow.