You’re overwhelmed and frustrated with tasks falling through the cracks and
an inconsistent communication plan.
You feel all over the place, and aren’t seeing consistent results.

Get on-track with the RIGHT systems and workflows

so you can expand your team and build your business, without constantly playing catch-up.

Has this happened to you in business?

  • Important notes, memos, and tasks are being forgotten, leaving you stressed to get it all done?
  • You want to delegate and automate, but your tools and systems are more exhausting than helpful?
  • Clients have pushed your boundaries and missed payments, making you reconsider if you’re communicating effectively?
  • You see opportunities to expand but you don’t know how to take advantage of them, so you’re feeling stuck and frustrated?
  • You want to know what needs to be done, when, and the most efficient way to do it.

You WANT to improve as a leader, but something is holding you back. You’re trying to do it by yourself but there’s not enough time in your day to do it all. You dream of a freedom-flexible lifestyle with your business, but right now, that’s not happening.

Imagine if you replaced “doing it all with no progress” to focusing on tasks that…

  • Help you get your back-end business operations organized and optimized, so you can start building a flexible business.
  • Streamline your workflows, so business runs SIMPLY, EFFICIENTLY, and CLEARLY
  • Develop successful communication, time management, and profitability habits, so you don’t feel all over the place.
  • Build a mini-team that aides your business, so you can delegate with ease and take advantage of more opportunities.

Bringing out the Best of Business.

Here’s what our Unshakeable CEOs have said.

You’re drained of energy, keeping track of everything. You need some help from a team!

Let a business operations and systems integrator help you streamline and delegate to build your team and grow in profitability.

Level-Up Leader Program

How it works:

  • 1 x 90-minute sessions
  • 4 x 50-minute sessions (weekly or bi-weekly over Zoom)
  • 60 days of email/voxer access
  • Pre-session analysis workbook
  • Strategic Roadmap, Audit Report, Templates, Checklists, Org Chart
  • Process Bundle: Includes 10 SOPs, 5 Job Descriptions

$1,997 USD

Do you want to keep feeling overwhelmed, exhausted, and frustrated with back-and-forth time-sucking tasks? Would you rather confidently make decisions, take action, and make an impact with your business?

Become an Unshakeable CEO and a Level-Up Leader, with confidence to build a business that provides freedom, flexibility, and fulfillment; a business that’s built on simplicity!

Level-Up as a Leader, with confidence to build a business that provides freedom, flexibility, and fulfillment;

with a business that’s built on simplicity.

Loop Link Coachsulting’s process will support you in…
  • Being open to making improvements as a leader and a business owner, so you positively lead your team.
  • Stepping up as a thought-leader, so you can make more impact with your business.
  • Defining your workflows with clarity, so processes are clearly outlined and followed.
  • Setting boundaries with systems, so you take hold of your time, productivity, and profitability.

You know your business can grow and make an impact in your communities! Let go of burn out, stress, and overwhelm, and step into your leadership role.

Shaune, Bookkeeper
Guydans Bookkeeping

I hired Theresa for 5 months in 2017 and she helped me tremendously with rearranging my head space to start thinking like a business owner and coach as opposed to a bookkeeping technician. I had hired part-time staff for a few months without making sure there were systems in place to handle on-boarding, training and quality control of the work. Theresa helped me manage my frustration and think through the best ways to manage my staff as well as got me on the road to setting up systems starting with documenting everything I did as a bookkeeper.
I highly recommend Theresa Baretta if you too would like some help with changing the way you think and approach growing your business, managing employees and setting up systems.

Allen, Owner
Exponential Mgt

Working with Theresa was more eye-opening that I thought it would be. I have previously read books such as the E-Myth Revisited and felt like I had a great grasp on the topic of systems and process. However, I would always get stuck when I tried to implement it in my own business. I would find myself putting it on the back burner because something else was “more important” at the time. However, having a set day to work with her was incredible.

She asked the right questions to help me work ON the business rather than IN the business. It was a pleasure working with Theresa and I recommend you call her to help make your business more efficient and more profitable, ultimately providing a better product and experience to your customers!

Ready to make an impact with your business?