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Director of Operations


You started your business with a vision of freedom.
But you’re more of a manager than a CEO.​

Let’s get you focused on skyrocketing your business vision and growth.

Your business consistently makes 6-7 figures of revenue.

You have a team.
Now you’re looking to duplicate yourself.

I get how you feel.

  • You so strongly dream of scaling your business faster, but there’s a bottleneck in your business: you.
  • You haven’t been able to duplicate yourself successfully. You’re still doing all the things even though you have team members.
  • You’re not enjoying your evenings and weekends without worrying or thinking about the business.
  • You want to focus on doing what you do best (maybe that’s sales, closing deals, or product development), but you need to fill the gap.
  • You’re nearly exhausted on stress and sleep with the brink of burnout closing in. You’re wondering where the light at the end of the tunnel is.

You want to know what needs to be done, when, and the most efficient way to do it.
You’ve tried with productivity tools and systems, but you’re feeling even more frazzled and confused with how they all work. You’ve DIYed your backend workflows yourself and now you’re noticing details are falling through the cracks and hurting your client experience.

Imagine with the right
leaders in place, you can…

  • Finally step away from the tasks that you didn't enjoy so you can focus on what you do and are amazing at!
  • Have confidence in your process, projects and practices that are executed by a strong team.
  • Scale your business AND your team with clarity, connection and culture with your vision, goals and systems that creates a standard of excellence.
  • Build an agency that runs effortlessly without you while you freely step in and out when and where you want to.

Not sure where to start? Let's jump on a call.

Are you ready for a Director of Operations in your agency? 

Let's get on a call to fully understand that this truly means, 

the signs that you're ready for one, and how to get started.

Here’s what our CEOs with DOOs have said.


CEO & Founder

I originally hired Theresa to help us get our systems and processes in place. We had hit a plateau of constant churn and managing clients instead of growing with more clients. 

When Theresa came on board, I was impressed by her knowledge, energy and enthusiasm. 

She eventually stepped in as our director of operations and helped extract me from the day-to-day aspect of client and team management, took reins of our processes and systems and allowed me to fully focus on sales, strategy and vision. This dynamic has completely shifted the way how we work, run our small agency and the direction of our growth. 

Are you ready to maximize your team’s talents,
improve your customer experience
and step into your CEO role?

Agency owners and CEOs who are ready to hand off juggling everything
and work with a trusted Director of Operations to manage operations, projects,
and strategic business mapping; to duplicate themselves and build a flexible and freedom-filled lifestyle.

The light at the end of the tunnel is here.

Where you are a kick-starter, dream-builder, visionary entrepreneur,
I will walk alongside you to capture all of your vision, break it down into a strategic plan,
identify the road/building blocks to get us there,
and all you need to do is trust me to make your dreams happen.

I’m here to help you …

  • - Audit and analyze your current state with a gap and needs analysis.
    - Review current operations, business costs, budgets, team culture and capture the full 30,000ft picture.
  • - Determine the gaps, bottlenecks, churn, inefficiencies, and redundancies are in your business and strategize solutions through     workflow automation, systems, best practices, and team growth.
  • - Map a realistic executive plan that fits with your VISION, VALUES, and VENTURE. We’re going to embrace and empower the         WHY behind your business.

Excited? I sure am because operational efficiency and excellence are my jam.

Here are the details below.


      Integrator Service

You are ready to seriously scale your business further, creating sustainability and long-term success. You want business to run without you so you can focus on the company vision and even take a vacation! I’ll be your business analyst, helping you grow your business the best way for your company culture.

Designed for CEOs who spend too much time managing and want more time to lead their team.

  • High-level Project Management and organization to standardize your business operations
  • Monthly Executive Strategic Planning sessions to discuss where to focus on and intentionally move forward with ease
  • Quarterly Strategic Mapping to get clarity, confidence and communication that accelerates business growth
  • Business Systems + Process Management to reduce churn, bottlenecks and improve customer experience


This Program has been used by previous clients to:

  • - Add a strategic partner to manage their team, hire new team                  members, and manage the daily operations
  • - Improve their operational efficiency to support their sales initiative         while managing and maintaining existing clients.

This is for you if...

  • You already have a team in place (or have started to build one), and you need a leader to manage your team.
  • Your team is talented and driven but not as productive, holding you back from skyrocketing your revenue.
  • You’re experiencing customer dissatisfaction, and you want to tighten up your customer experience to provide the best service.
  • You’re ready to let go of some control and bring on a right-hand partner, who will free up your time to focus on the business vision.
  • You crave taking a vacation, without bringing along work, so you can finally relax, stress-free.
  • You’re ready to bring on continuous help to manage your team and business operations.
  • You want more team collaboration in your business and need help to improve team synergy.
  • You’re ready to breathe a little and take the stress off of you!

Step 1. Let's get on a consult call together.

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