You're serious about scaling and achieving long-term success ...

But you're wondering how you can do it without burning out?

Your business is thriving! You’re consistently bringing in six/seven figures of income, but you’re getting lost in day-to-day tasks that are distracting you from skyrocketing your success.

You’ve got a steady stream of clients and projects, your team is expanding, and you feel proud of where you’ve built the company up to here.

Your next challenge is developing a plan for sustainability – so you have TIME and FLEXIBILITY to pursue other projects, focus on the company vision, and TAKING VACATION!”

Have you been thinking about…

  • Growing your business and becoming a founder, leaving a legacy with your work and client experience?
  • Starting another business once your main money-maker runs smoothly without you?
  • Reframing the nitty-gritty parts of operations to run efficiently and effortlessly, so your team can focus on other tasks?
  • Delegating to your dream team, like an Online Business Manager (OBM) or Director of Operations (DOO), to free up your time and scale your company further?

Your business is growing and your team’s expanding, but there’s a nagging feeling that you can run operations more efficiently to bring in even more success. You’re ready to step into your CEO brilliance, but most of your time is spent managing instead of prospecting.

Instead of managing your team and business activities, you could be…

  • Working on tightening up operations to predict rhythms that heighten your client experience, further adding to your success.
  • Consistently measuring your data and metrics with a business analyst, to find the best way to grow.
  • Analyzing your numbers, so you’re in control of where you take your business and how quickly you reach your goals.
  • Taking action to build a freedom-flexible lifestyle, inclusive of vacations, financial stability, and fulfillment.

Completing the Loop to Success.

Here’s what our Unshakeable CEOs have said.

Danielle, Creative Director
Finepoint Writing & Editing

In the few months we’ve worked together, she has helped me grow my business, gain confidence, and streamline my processes. With Theresa’s help, I’ve been able to increase my income by nearly 700% in the span of one year, streamline my client communications, learn to set boundaries and have confidence when making decisions, and so much more!

Theresa –  I would like to say thank you. I am so appreciative that you have helped me dream bigger, achieve more, and find fulfillment in my day-to-day work. Fine Point Writing & Editing would not be where it is without your mentorship, guidance, and, of course, IT help! I’ve found my flexibility, fulfillment, and financial stability thanks to you.

Theresa really and truly cares about my business and me as a person, and I am so excited to have her behind me as I take my business to the next level. I recommend her to every business owner I meet!

You know ``get rich fast`` schemes don't work. You want a strong foundation for growth.

Work with a Business Operations Integrator and Systems Coachsultant to shift your mindset and step into your role as a leading CEO.

  • 5 months of business coachsulting
  • 14 x 50-minute sessions
  • 1 x 90-minute session
    (wrap up, accountability, support, next steps)
  • Daily and ongoing email/voxer access
  • 60-day email/voxer support upon wrap up of Program
  • Access to all videos, templates, worksheets, and checklists used during the Program
  • Pre-work Roadmap Workbook & Client portal access

$7,500 USD

It’s time to step into your executive excellence,
be an Unshakeable CEO, and a leader in your team!


You know you can be an Unshakeable CEO if you take the time to really learn the numbers and inner workings, so you can step confidently into your role.

To build your business for sustainability and long-term success, it takes a CEO who understands it’s time to shift their mindset, stop managing, and create a legacy.

David, Owner
Piper Plumbing

Theresa brings her expertise and guidance to every meeting and has been a huge part of my business development. With her help, I was able to move from working in the business and on the tools to managing my business, and growing my business.

Let's simplify together.

Make business simple.

Business can change with the right systems in place and the mindset to improve.

At Loop Link Coachsulting, we guide you to…
  • Major mindset shifts that lead to personal and business transformation, so you commit and embrace the systems that bring you success.
  • Transform analysis paralysis into confident data analyzation skills, to make educated business decisions.
  • Understand your business numbers, to be in control of your income, revenue, and expenses.
  • Grow your business, ultimately growing yourself as a CEO and Unshakeable Boss, leading the lifestyle you dream of.

You already know a CEO makes tough decisions, takes responsibility for the success of their business, and leads their team to growth. You’re almost there and with the right business operations integrator and systems coachsultant, you can make strides to the financial stability and FREEDOM!

Joseph, Owner
Simple Cloudworks

Theresa combined her experience and great intuition into guiding us refocusing our services and purpose.

She is particularly good at patiently posing questions and tasks required for the hard mind shift transformation that a business needs to undergo when creating a positive change. At the same time, she is firm at keeping those changes on track.

The result is that we have improved our services and business, passing on her positive impact on us, to our clients.

Ready to become an Unshakeable CEO?