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foundational framework and support system

for copywriters and creatives to intentionally design a business with balance
that will give them the freedom and flexibility they want.


By streamlining and systemizing your client lifecycle process, you'll attract clients you love working with.

Better Communication

Learn how to manage your team, clients and collaborations by communicating with confidence and clarity.

Better Operations

Create order with organization and objectivity that will increase your client experience.


Keep business simple and uncomplicated by mastering the 5M Framework for long-lasting success.

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and get all of the success and more...
    Learn how to be more productive, manage your time and energy, and more with free masterclasses and step processes.
    Get templates, checklists, workbooks, canned emails/responses, and more to use in your business.
    Be a part of a community that stands for each others success, supporting each other, and where you can get supported while building your business.
simplify . standardize . strategize . systemize

What comes with your access:

Monthly Materials

Each month there will be new materials (checklist, template, workbook) that will be available for download to help you start, stretch, or scale your business.


A collection of the best tools and resources to assist your business in the online space to maximize your productivity, operations, presence and visibility.

Free Courses

Learn how to simplify, systemize and organize your business with free courses and masterclasses that will help you reclaim your time, reduce overwhelm, increase your client experience and build you up as a leader in your industry.

VIP Releases

Be on the VIP list to get updates on new courses, challenges, masterclasses, materials, and rewards as the membership grows. Each month you will have an opportunity to win or earn a free coaching session with Theresa.

Hi! I'm Theresa Baretta

I’ve been working with small businesses like yours to large corporations in the last 15 years.
My superpower is systemized organization and being able to bridge the gaps between technology, systems and humans in the most efficient and effective manner.

My love affair with systems and processes began when I was 18. I had the huge responsibility of managing my family’s Pho restaurant. Though our food was excellent, our service was lacking.
I saw an opportunity to systemize our service, and in just three months, we went from disorganized and overwhelmed to systematic and streamlined, with profits doubling each month.

As a corporate nomad, I gained years of various experience in administration, accounting, operations, customer service, and management, learning the ways that business systems and process management could drive financial health and productive growth.

When I helped an international corporation grow their revenue from $12 million to $50 million in a matter of 4 years. We systematized their business and moved from a paper-based system into the digital era. It was then that I realized this kind of success isn’t only for big corporations. Systems can help the smaller business make it BIG too.

My mission is to help complete the loop for copywriters and creatives who want to build an uncomplicated business, work wisely so they can live life fully and not feel the overwhelm and pressure of having to do it all themselves. I know how magical it feels to have a business running seamlessly, and I’ll walk with you to get your business feeling smooth, successful and simply smart. 


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build a better, balanced, and beautifully designed business that gives you freedom, flexibility to live fully.
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