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Welcome back to our mini-series of why business systems are important for streamlining in your business. Recapping our last post, we explored the concept of business systems and what they look like. Systems are sets of processes or methods executed daily in the same way, in an effective and efficient manner. A process is a collection of related, structured activities (also known as procedures) that produces a product or service for your customers.

With systems, your customers know what you’re doing.
With systems, your customers will know what to expect from your products and services.
With systems, your customers will be comfortable giving you their loyalty and confidence.

Why Business Systems Are Important For Streamlining

In this post, we are going to examine the first key of why business systems are important for streamlining.

The Importance of Streamlining your business

By business definition, streamlining means to enhance the efficiency of a process, or system by using modern techniques or approaches to cut unnecessary steps.

Your business likely has dozens of business processes in your everyday activities already. No matter the numbers, the processes are all designed to streamline the way you perform.

How to Streamline Your Business

Streamline your processes in an organized method through automation and consistent practices. When everyone follows the well-designed steps, fewer errors, delays or duplicated efforts appear. Efficiencies will develop throughout your business. Staff and customers will see the difference and feel more satisfied.

Some of the tangible results that you may see from streamlining includes:

  • Customers giving positive feedback about the customer service
  • Less frustration between employees
  • Decrease in costs
  • Effective use of resources
  • Reduced bottlenecks and meeting deadlines

A business can have many complexities. However, there are a few areas that you can evaluate the impact to your customers, suppliers, partners, and employees. Here are a few ideas and examples:

Reduce Paper. Paper flow can quickly pile up and increase unnecessary waste in areas of your business. Today’s digital age allows for information to be stored in cloud or online. Ability to easily deliver information to your customers, suppliers, accessibility during traveling, etc. One of the top systems I have always encouraged a business to adopt is a document management system. It allows long-term storage to archive information and easy-to-access when required. This system doesn’t take up office space. This is extremely useful storing up tax files, receipts, or items that you are required to carry for an extended amount of time.

The systems run the business. The people run the systems. – The E Myth Revisited

Consolidate Software. For every aspect from order entries to accounting to tracking leads. How many software do you currently use to operate your business? Microsoft Office, Evernote, iCalendar, Google Apps? If you’re using many software to get-it-done, it may be time to consider an integrated software platform. By working in one system, you can drive efficiency and spend less time keying in data from one system to another. Integrated systems have the tools to derive reports and analytics useful to business development.

Social Media. This is a no-brainer. There are countless software or platforms available to streamline your social media management. Platforms such as Hootsuite or Buffer gives you the ability to reach wider sections at the same time. Prepare, plan and schedule your posts to keep ahead.

Your Move

Systems are important for streamlining a business. Even if you are an entrepreneur or solopreneur starting out, it has a place for you. Take a moment to evaluate your current systems, and see where you can begin to streamline. Once your first system is in place it will create more time for you to work on your next one, and it becomes a snowball effect. Soon enough, you’ll have an operations manual that documents all your processes, procedures, activities and the manner that it is completed in.

The benefits? More time, lower stress, less frustration, and increased customer experiences.
But most of all, your customers will see the difference in how you are running your business!

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