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Every morning when we wake, it’s a fresh start to the day. Often we have a to-do list, whether it’s in your work or business. We set the intention to accomplish all of it in the day. We planned to be productive. But when the day is over, your list seems no different than when you got started.

Has this happened to you? Some days it’s more frustrating than others especially when it’s the simplest of tasks that we weren’t able to accomplish. This doesn’t mean you’re lazy or incompetent; what it means is that there’s some tweaking you may have to do if you want to achieve exceptional productivity every day.

How to Achieve Exceptional Productivity Every Day

Running a household, office, or business requires productivity. Over the years, I’ve heard of many ways on how to increase productivity throughout the day and have collected those tips to store in my vault. I have tried plenty throughout the years.

Actions speak louder than words. I want to share with you some of the results and that you can apply these to skyrocket your productivity.

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1. Rise Early

Yes, you may have heard this before. No, you may not be a morning person. Yes, you may love to sleep in.
However, it has been proven that it’s the early risers that achieve exceptional productivity every day.

Every morning (including weekends), my alarm clock starts singing at 5:30 am. It’s on my phone, so there’s no snooze button. I make an effort to try and get up within the first 5 minutes of hearing it. Anything longer is a temptation to remain in bed. One of the most significant benefits of waking up early is that you’ll be able to greet the day with your own time. No rushing. No missing breakfast. Less traffic. It facilitates the experience of a more productive day.

If you’re not an early riser, but would like to try to give this a winning chance, here are a few quick tips that you could try to promote this shift:

  • Set 2 alarms; one for the time desired to wake, and one 5 minutes after the first alarm.
  • Set a pop up on your phone to remind you of the goal: to achieve exceptional productivity every day!
  • Put your alarm clock across your room you have to get up to turn it off.
  • Change the ringtone of your alarm.

2. Review Your Goals

Have you ever wondered how some folks seem to set goals and easily achieve them? The secret to this that they are productive and efficient at reviewing their goals.

Make it a habit to review your goals and objectives at the beginning of your day. This maintains a target that your mind will be focused on move yourself forward throughout the day.

3. Get Organized

We want to believe that we’re organized in our day. If we have a planner or scheduler, it must mean we’re organized. If we use a calendar, we must be organized. If your workspace is organized, we have higher productivity.

Indeed this contributes to it, but getting organized also means planning. Plan out your day not only with your priority list but what needs to happen to get those priorities done. Clearly, mark the deadlines by highlighting them, do your best to beat the deadlines. Taking care of things before they’re due will free up more time, and will prevent a blind rush and crunch time at the very end.

  • If you have a priority list, highlight the important pieces of information. Cross them off as they’re completed.
  • Keep only one planner/scheduler/book. You’ll eliminate the confusion of where you’ve last recorded the information.
  • Keep your workspace organized and uncluttered, so you know where things are, and your items are easily accessible.

4. Say No To Multi-Tasking

I used to take pride in being one of the top “multi-taskers” that I know. I used to be able to do multiple things at once. Looking back, I was fortunate to be able to get them done, but it took a lot of effort and time.

After motherhood, my ability to multitask was non-existent. I began to wonder how the heck I managed it before?? Trying to focus on two tasks at a time took a lot of mental resources, and I struggled.

In your work and business, stick with one task at a time. Get it done, and then move on. It’s hard to say no if you’re a “yes” person.

So here’s how you can practice saying no or work on one task at a time:

  • Use a timer to keep yourself on track.
  • Line it up! Just like taking orders at a restaurant. There’s a sequence. Stick to the sequence!

5. Get Enough Rest

One of the biggest enemies of productivity is lack of rest. It draws us away from our zone of genius and drains away our ability to focus.

Rest is important, it gives balance to our busy and hectic days. It’s an opportune time to unplug, reset and get refreshed for the new day. Cutwork off an hour before sleep so that you can unwind and relax. Do activities that lighten the mind and body so that stress does not find you in your dreams.

Some activities that are great before bedtime include:

  • A light and warming read of books or articles.
  • Listening to your favorite music.
  • Doing a brain dump of things that are on your mind

Your Move

There’s plenty of other tips out there that can help you achieve exceptional productivity every day and they’re probably ones you’re already aware of. I would love to know what works the best for you! Jump over to my Facebook page and hear our community’s experiences. I also shared 3 methods on how to overcome procrastination and to get things done even when you don’t want to in this group. Don’t miss it!

We’d love to hear about your best methods on how to achieve exceptional productivity and what made them so successful. See you there!

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