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With a successful business that serves the local and online community, I am also a calligraphy lover who is the creator of the #BarettaPens.

I am a happy mommy to two active toddlers. Also a traveling adventurer, and an aspiring nurturer in the art of bonsai trees.

An introvert business productivity coach for copywriters who are ready for a freedom-balanced lifestyle with a consistent, persistent and resilient profitable business.

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Theresa Baretta
The journey of a thousand miles begins with one step.

~ Lao Tzu

All In Your

We are what we make of ourselves.

I always felt that school was not for me.
So I joined the workforce fresh out of high school and really worked to make something of myself. Inexperienced and young, I persisted against the many factors that were in my way, sometimes going for 25+ interviews in an era of my life.

I did not set out to dominate in systems and workflow. I fell into it literally.

I first learned how a business could benefit from systems and processes at 18 while managing my family’s Pho restaurant.
Though our food was excellent, our service was lacking.
It made sense to try to systemize our service, and in just 3 months, we went from disorganized and overwhelmed to systematic and streamlined, with profits doubling each month.

As my career progressed, I gradually marked administration, accounting, customer service and corporate management under my belt. Along the way, I also became a business consultant, providing systemization services and database software development. Holy moly, talk about diversification!

That’s where the shift began. I then stepped into Corporate life.
I hustled and climbed up the corporate ladder faster than I ever imagined.
But that also left me burnt out, with little gratification and discouragement.
There’s got to be more value and purpose to everything that I’m doing.

Core Values

01 || Family First

02 || Excellence with Balance

03 || Community & Culture

04 || Collaboration & Connection

05 || Progress with Purpose

The Vision

To complete the loop in small businesses by developing excellence, operational consistency and unshakeable quality. 

My "Why"

  • Build a value-based business that flexibly fits our family lifestyle
  • Connect with the business community through coachsulting
  • Follow my calling to strengthen relationships with value and vision
  • Fuel the ability to support local charities and initiatives with heart
  • Continuously improve personally and professionally through connection and community
The Shift

Inevitable Change

Entrepreneurship is nothing new to me. 
In the last 10 years, I had a business consulting practice, a gift basket business, in less than 3 months brought a product to market through my discovered passion of calligraphy, and today I have a thriving coaching practice.

Through all of these ventures, there were various lessons I learned when I had to walk away from some of them, due to the amount of time and effort it was costing me while I was working corporate still. The biggest takeaway was perseverance as a business owner, and how to juggle the various hats we have to wear as a solopreneur. 

After each failure, was when I began to find the secret to optimizing and becoming more efficient at running a business corporately, I began to scale down how to optimize a small business. The magic isn’t in the tools, software or techniques we use individually. 

When the loop is closed and all the gaps are bridged, was when the workflow magic began to shine. Nothing lights me up more than blending systems with personality. It gave me back a balance of freedom and hustle, where I was not drowning in “busyness“, producing results and stopped feeling guilty that I am not putting in over-time.

Why work with me

diversity is the best teacher

I’ve worked in multiple industries and with clients of all different sizes.

Since starting my business, I’ve helped my clients:

  • Shift from working IN the business to working ON the business
  • Removed bottlenecks in the business through process improvement
  • Consolidated multiple tools for increased productivity
  • Developed workflow and process management blueprint
  • Step into the confidence of a business owner
  • Create automated social media systems that kept running through staffing shortage
  • Find purpose and value behind their brand, and reigniting their WHY
  • With mindset shift to break through barriers that they were unaware of
  • Easily train staff with “how to” manuals and employee handbooks
  • Encouraged operational excellence by shifting to an all-in-one consolidation system
It's About ...

Today, I am a wife, mother and a business owner that is balanced with a priority-based lifestyle. This allows me the freedom and flexibility to be there for my family yet still pursue my passion and dreams. My mission is to help small business entrepreneurs create a shift to a guilt-free balanced lifestyle. I’ve supported my clients by improving their systems and workflow that fit their business character, creativity and culture so that they can have a family, flexibility and a field of passion.

I know first-hand what it feels like to have seen growth and success. I want to help you grow to see your next 5 years, 10 years and more. Your success is my commitment, and together we will develop a system that will allow you to work and grow the way you imagined when you first decided to become an entrepreneur. The joy I feel helping others succeed ensures that your needs are top of mind, every step of the way.Are you ready to shift into your space of balance and peace by forming cornerstone confidence in your workflow?

Find out more about how my coaching can help you create a space of efficiency, empowerment, and excellence.

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