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Every half a second, there is a new blog being created somewhere in the world.

At some point, every Entrepreneur or Business Owners will ask, “Should I have a blog?”
At some point, every blogger will ask, “Should I keep Blogging?”
The simple answer is Yes, even if you have to do it out of your own basement.

5 Dynamic Reasons Why You Should Keep Blogging

The Value Of Why You Should Keep Blogging

In the last few years, social media has become the place where many writers dedicate their time to because it delivers more immediate reactions from others in the form of tweets, Facebook Posts, or Goodread Reviews instead of blogging on their own website. Despite all this, I am still a devoted believer in blogging.

It’s something that I look forward to doing every week. Blogging helps me promote my work, grow my expertise, expand my knowledge finding clarity and also attracting quality clients. I always recommend blogging to any Entrepreneur or creative Home Business Owners who desire to grow their business online, make money and attract their dream customers.

Blogging is hard.
Blogging is creative and fun, but it’s also hard. It’s hard to continuously spawn new ideas for content, to operate your business, to prioritize your home life, and to keep going at it over and over again especially when you don’t see results you’re hoping for. Let me bring a little sense of reality to you if you were told Blogging is easy. Blogging takes work, it takes time to put your thoughts into work, for some topics if it’s relating to your field of work takes time to research if you want it to add value to your readers. When you don’t see your results right away, don’t give up because we will go through 5 dynamic reasons why you should keep blogging even if you feel like no one is reading or cares.

5 Reasons You Should Keep Blogging

1. Practice Makes Perfect

Looking back 15 years ago when I first started blogging, I’m slightly embarrassed at how my writing was. But as years passed and my sense of blogging matured and I learned how to write better and better after finding my voice. It developed because practice made it better. Writing is a form of communication that if we improve, the better our relationships and message will be. Learning to establish your tone, identify your audience and finding your routine takes shape over time. So if you ask me why blog daily, that’s the reason why.

When it comes to business, your credibility is paramount to get your prospects to warm up to where they feel comfortable to opt for your service or product. The more you blog, the greater the opportunity you have to build up your credibility in front of your future customers and industry leaders.

2. Control Your Message with Your Voice

Were you comfortable when Facebook made their changes to how you can use their social network? When did you learn of Instagram’s terms of service using your own photos?
Finding your voice allows you to control your own message, apply your own opinions to the topics that matter to you. For a long time, I didn’t know how I wanted to sound on topics I wanted to write about, however over the years allowed me to discover topics that are significant to me and my opinions on them. This revealed my writing style, my “why” to blogging and who I am as a writer.

3. Position Yourself as an Expert

Your blog is your home, the zone and classroom to share your experience and expertise. Recognize where and what you excel in, what you really love, and share it on your blog. You will build your expertise the more you write. The more solutions you provide to your readers will increase their view of you as an expert in that particular field, and they’ll keep coming back again and again.

4. Attract New Clients

If you’re looking to attract quality client, your content should be something that they would be interested in or help them solve challenges that they’ve experienced. Your blog is like a magnet that with the right tags and social-media requirements, your blog posts will rise to the top of the search when clients are looking for you.

5. Clarify your Thoughts

I have thousands of thoughts that float around my head daily and sometimes those thoughts keep me awake at night. A blog is a great place to jot them down and write about them. It allows me to think more intentionally about my work, what I’m doing and why I’m doing it. I can find clarity in what I see in words on my blog.

Why You Should Keep Blogging | Conclusion

One of the most important reasons why you should keep blogging, one of the reasons why I blog is to inspire and help others like you. I found deep within myself a passion to serve others, to help dream, create, grow their ideas and businesses so that they can have the opportunity to generate income doing what they love.

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  • Excellent article Theresa! If I ever think about quitting, I will remember this and keep moving forward!