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Do you ever hear from the people on your lists?
Or do you only hear the wind whisking by whenever you send out an email, a post or a blog post?

Why Focus on Relationship Building?

Simply sending an email or a quick product/company update is not enough to build a good relationship with your customers or those on your list. You have to get them to engage with you, focus on THEM, and do something that blows them away once in a while.

10 Relationship Building Strategies for Your List

This is a phrase that I’ve been saying a lot these days; people don’t buy products, join companies or compensation structures. People buy, or join people they know, like or trust. Notice the last one; trust is the first foundation that leads to the rest. We’re going to explore the 10 relationship strategies to engage with your list and build trust.

10 Relationship Strategies For Your List

1. Hear what your Readers Have To Say

It’s important to listen to your readers or audience and hear what they have to say, respond to their comments, posts, and email. It’s really easy in today’s age to connect with them on social media through the main common communities such as Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, etc. I’m sure you already know this, but the question is are you doing this?

2. Offer Value

Adding valuable content to your website that will help your audience, whether it’s with their business, personal life, something that they will appreciate. This will keep them coming back for more.

3. Give your Best Commenters a Reward

Give back to your best commenters by asking them to be a part of your site by a guest post entry. They’ll feel like a mini-celebrity. Another way is to offer to guest post on their blog – you’ll have made their day!

4. Reach Out Personally

Send “Thank You” email to people who just purchased your product, reach out to your customers personally through Skype or social media. Or to the commenters on your blog, they won’t see it coming.

5. Exchange with your Readers

Do you need an article author? Graphic Designer? Site manager? Ask your readers for their expertise and offer an exchange for their services. This could bring the relationship to a new level and blow the both of you away.

6. Feature your Readers

Drop your readers’ names into your posts, podcasts or videos. This shows your audience you connect closely with your community and that they’re important to you, not just another name on the page.

7. Host Funny Challenges

Engage Relationship building with an audience with funny challenges that does or does not relate to your business, brand or product. Like submitting a funny selfie with a specific sign that describes them. Or before and after photos once using your products; or word games. Something to engage your audience to let them know that you’re also a person, just like them who enjoys fun times, and not all about business.

8. Hangout with your Audience

Encourage your audience to become a community by joining you for a night on Google Hangout; where you can put a face to the names. Notify by your posts when this community hangout will happen and what the topic will be. Is it to help get their blogs for business up? Tips on goal setting or whatever you choose. If you don’t want to do a Google Hangout, maybe set up a Facebook Group or forum.

9. Readers own Post Ending

Leave your posts unfinished or open-ended, and ask readers to comment on their own suggestions and tips. For example, if you have a post on “10 Ways to do ____”, write up 5, and ask readers to submit their thoughts on the remaining 5.

10. Ask Questions

Engage your audience by asking them to answer a question, and then use those questions as an article or a blog post. They’ll feel like they are a part of a story that is shared with a broader audience.

Effective Relationship Building Strategies

When you start applying relationship building to your list, the focus shifted from the products onto you and your audience. You’ve now begun attraction marketing first and foremost with you as the brand and success will be longterm. When you brand yourself first, your sales will follow without a doubt.

Which one of these Relationship Building Strategies stands out with you the most?  Implement that strategy this week and make notes of your results. If there’s a strategy that you have not tried, or feel it’s out of your comfort zone, the result would be greater because you’re willing to try. Do me a favor, do share this post!

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