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Be the strategic ceo
of a business that works for you.

"We were never left without the data required to
implement transitional changes in our business."

- Jim S. 


Evolve with Excellence

Loop Link Coachsulting™ supports Agency Owners to complete the loop

in their business operations, shift from the constant fire-fighting

to consistent fine-tuning, and grow their business sustainably

without wearing all the hats.

We specialize in: Systems & Process Optimization, Team Growth, and Business Management.


Systems Starter

Are you ready to grow your Agency, serve more clients without more admin hours? Let's talk about your business operations and systems.

Fractional Leadership

You're growing faster than you thought and gaps are forming.
Let me join your executive team to structure/optimize your processes, design/launch strategic growth plans and be your right hand partner to help you scale your team.

Systems Shop

You know the power of systems, but you may not yet be ready for our services. We still can help with some of our best DIY resources and templates to help you grow!

Hi, I'm Theresa!

I’m the Business Operations Integrator and
Systems Coachsultant™ behind Loop Link Coachsulting™.

I work with CEOs and service providers in a hybrid form

of part coach, to grow you as a business owner,

and part consultant, to support your business growth!

I’m a travel loving, mom-of-two, who’s been there and done corporate, going through burnout one too many times. Through my time in Corporate Canada, I learned that I was the dream maker for all the dream builders in my career – integrating and creating the strategy to get business to the next level.

I now support Agency Owners and their teams,

to streamline their business operations and systems,

support in business analysis, and increase profitability;

so they can have more freedom and flexibility in

their schedules to spend traveling and in their passions!

  • Agency Owners

After working with Theresa I became much more productive and organized, and my bottom line has improved as well. Theresa is a knowledgeable and highly informative coach who’s full of great ideas and support. I am so grateful to her for her support and this experience.

Brigid, Brigid & Co

Online Business Manager

Theresa met us where we were and gave us immediate solutions & strategies that made a huge difference in setting up better workflows, helping us fully utilize technology and tools we already had, and made us feel like a more cohesive team.


Jessi & Marie, Northstar Messaging

Copywriting & Messaging Agency

Real Results.

What our past clients have said.

Ready to step up into your
executive CEO role?

As someone who can confidently step-away from their business operations
to enjoy life without worrying about their business crashing without them.

An Efficient CEO who has the flexibility, freedom,
and financial stability to take a vacation and not feel guilty about it.

An Agency CEO who sees their business grow and improve,
and can enjoy time for themselves and their loved ones.

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