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\ UN·SHAK·A·BLE \ Consistent with pivoting permission

Hi, I'm Theresa Baretta

Business Systems & Workflow Coachsultant
for small business entrepreneurs

Work smarter. Impact farther.

You have a vision. A passion with purpose that moved you to start your business.
The business is meant to create the financial freedom and flexibility you dreamed of.
You're serious about having systems in place that will run without you there.
Time is being sucked up by adopting cookie-cutter systems that doesn't fit your business character.
Instead of running the business, the business is running you.

It's time to convert from chaos to consistency!

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more time does not equal more money.


I’ve been where you are…

Worked so many hours that your personal life is suffering
Stuck in a cycle where any new thing you try ends up in the same place again
Tomorrow’s large “to-do” list keeps you up all night
Took a “burn-out break” to get recharged while losing out on clients
Elements of your business are neglected because you’re so overwhelmed
You’re not in control of your own time… it’s in control of you
Plagged by the “What-Ifs” and every good thing comes with a “but”
Completely drained and not sure how to move forward successfully


It doesn’t have to be this way!

I feel you. In every step of this process.

It takes confidence, faith, and intentional pivoting to launch into an unshakeable business framework. It’s not the easiest, but together, we can achieve the freedom-flexible lifestyle you desire through a steadfast mindset, simplistic methodology, and intentional movement.


Theresa Baretta | Business Systems & Workflow Coach
Having a consistent business begins from the inside out. It means having a strong foundation for workflow mixed with your unique personality; it does not solely rely on systems and technology.
You want unshakeable workflows that will be the cornerstones of your business, and pillars of support for growth. I can help you achieve that.


Core Compass

Set yourself apart from the beginning by getting your core essentials of your brand mission aligned.



Workflow Success

With all the various hats we wear in our business, systems & workflow help ease that management by streamlining and automation.



Lead With Balance

Scale your success without compromising your lifestyle balance. Build your team with trust and culture of excellence for success.


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